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Adil made a statement at the press conference in Erbil regarding the commemorative stamps foreseen to be printed by the KRG on the occasion of the visit of the spiritual leader of Catholics, Pope Franciscus, to Iraq. However, no stamps have been approved for printing so far. The stamp design to be selected for printing will be in accordance with the law and laws. ” He said.

Turkey have shown response plan in a written statement made by the Foreign Ministry, “KRG authorities to a moment ago the necessary explanations for the immediate correction of this grave error, and we expect to be in a clear way.” he said.

reaction to the Pope’s maps scandal: Judgment yokturtürki to

“It is clear our will to rags project”

Yesterday AK Party, said in the press conference during the CEC meeting Referring to the subject stamp and map, AK Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik expressed his reactions with the posts he made on his social media account. Steel, “ıkby’n the press that stamps and maps related to” rag map is no such provision in the face of the might of the Republic of Turkey. all kinds of exceeding facing limit the integrity of the Republic of Turkey rags map and eliminate our will and determination against rags project. “he said.

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” He humbled map is under our feet “

MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli also expressed his reaction to the stamp and the map with the following words:

“No one can wave a finger at us by depicting the so-called Kurdistan map on the stamp printed for the sake of the Pope’s visit to the north of Iraq. That unique map is already under our feet. Those who get into the same frame and form an alliance with the separatists and terrorists are disgraceful. “

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