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7 suspects, one of them a woman, who had been detained for the body of Polat, who left the house saying that he was going to meet with his friend, was found on the roof of a house in Muratpaşa district.

The suspects were under extensive security measures. He was taken to the hospital for. Meanwhile, the journalists ask “Why did you kill?” One of the suspects responded to the question “Come back later.”

After the hospital checks, the suspects were transferred to the courthouse.

CA, one of the suspects who were transferred to the criminal magistrate on duty after the prosecutor’s statement, said, “Tormenting with monstrous feeling. GH, İ.H.Ş, AK, FT, “hiding the crime, destroying the criminal evidence”.

SG The judicial control condition were released, and Z. He was released after the prosecution said.

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Mervenur’s body was thrown out of the window in his state of mind

In the testimony of C.A, the murder suspect, who was questioned at the Public Security Branch of Antalya Provincial Police Department, Mervenur Polat said, Confessing that he battered Polat and strangled Polat on the day of the incident, CA stated that he had wrapped the corpse in foil and called his friend S.G, who was working as a courier in a workplace, and threw it out of the window in the carpet.

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Courier SG, on the other hand, claimed that when C.A called him, he said “He will take about 50 kilograms of cargo to his father” and argued that the carpet-like cargo was thrown down the window when he went.

SG claimed that C.A took the cargo to her father’s house, and claimed that C.A came and took the cargo up there, she did not know that there was a body in it.

On the other hand, ZU, who was taken into custody. It was alleged that the woman named Mervenur Polat was at home on the day she was killed.

In the prosecution statement of the suspect C.A, it was stated that she wrapped the body in foil so that the body would not smell, and that she had it carried by the courier as a “dress”.

The body of Mervenur Polat, the mother of a child, who was not heard from after leaving the house on October 19, 2020 in Antalya, was found on the roof of a house on 8 March and 7 suspects were detained.

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