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Reminding that Eskişehirspor will face Altınordu in Izmir at the weekend (Sunday, April 4), Seçsev said, “Altınordu has proven its worth with its performance and points in this league. We will try to make our opponent experience difficulties in this tough match we will play in Izmir. We focused on this game. We are focused on performances rather than scores. In the Covid tests, the tests of some players that we regularly give to the form, unfortunately, turned out to be positive. We will go to Altınordu road with these shortcomings. “We do not have a player with a card suspension.”
All players got a chance
Stating that they distributed the jersey periodically, Seçsev said, “We have been on duty for 7 weeks, but we have played 8 matches. When there are many matches, people also feel like they have passed for a very long time. We have come a long way in this process. We assigned tasks to almost all of our players in 8 matches. Everyone saw that we distributed it fairly. Where there is justice, there is success, there is also happiness. Thank God we don’t have any offended players. We do not have any offended players for not playing. “When everyone struggles for the success of the team, good things come out,” he said.
We are moving towards the goal
Stating that the young footballers in the team have reached a good level, Seçsev said, “Development processes continue. They reflect what we want to the field better with each passing week. We reflected the game template in our minds on the field in Adana Demirspor match. We want to continue in the remaining matches. “We are moving towards our goal of being a team that presses in the front, has more ball and uses the ball more efficiently.”
It’s not easy to motivate
“We work in a team that is constantly criticized and is about to be relegated. Believe it is not easy to concentrate the players on the match, ”said the technical boss, saying,“ Individual mistakes made on the field actually stem from this lack of concentration. We have managed to reduce this in the last weeks. We train our football players well. We get the feedback we want. We managed to have a good dialogue. “These good dialogues we have established on motivation make our job easier,” he said.
We are fighting better now
Cengiz Seçsev, saying that they can compete head to head with their rivals, said, “If we fall back as a score at the beginning of the match, the match was going to be different. I think we solved this problem. We fell behind in the 13th minute in the Keçiörengücü match, but the match was balanced.
We couldn’t find the draw goal and we were defeated. Adana Demirspor match went balanced from start to finish, we fell back, but we managed to score a point. There is no Eskişehirspor anymore who quit the fight and the match after conceding the first goal.

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