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Things are not going well in Fenerbahçe, which lost the game of Gençlerbirliği at home and got a big injury on the way to the championship. While the possibility of separation of the roads with coach Erol Bulut maintains its warmth, there are both mental and physical deficiencies under the bad football in yellow-dark blue. Despite Bulut’s statement that we have mental problems, F. Garden could not recover psychologically either. It was claimed that there were also no injury preventive tests on yellow and dark blue.
EQUIPMENT IS AVAILABLE BUT NOT TESTED According to Sabah’s report; Fenerbahçe, who could not reach the desired level in preventative injury, lost Novak and Gökhan Gönül in Gençlerbirliği match, while 18 players were injured 32 times in total this season. While Czech left-back suffered his second injury this season, national right-back fell into this situation for the 5th time. It was learned that the players did not take the preventive injury tests that should be done regularly every two months, and this situation increased the injuries. Despite the equipment in Fenerbahçe, it is stated that the work required for the tests has been disrupted.
PHYSICAL FALLING Fenerbahçe, which gave the advantage to its opponents in the second half, also experienced the problem of winning a double fight. Canary ranked 11th with a 50.3 percent winning percentage, and 13th with a 48.8 percent air cannon value. Yellow-blue players could not be in the first place of the league in almost no value in statistics. 5 in possession of the ball (53%), 7 in successful pass value (372), 6 in pass success percentage (82.4%). He reached an agreement with İbrahim Eke and his team. However, although the yellow-dark blue people received psychological support from them, the problems related to inner peace could not be solved. As a result, some players who could not control their nerves remained out of the squad.


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