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Şarkışla District Governor Necati Aktan, in his statement, pointed out that despite the additional measures implemented since the beginning of March, the number of cases has increased significantly in the district.

Stating that there are 87 active cases in the district according to the latest data, Aktan said:

“13 of them are at the hospital and the rest are under treatment at home. In addition, due to the increase in the number of cases in Samankaya village, with the decision of the District Hygiene Committee, quarantine has been started for 10 days from today, and the entrance and exit to the village has been closed. that in this difficult process, importance than anything else of life health will apply with the understanding that the greater our district taking the necessary quarantine decisions, we will continue our inspection activities also frequently and decisively. “

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Balikesir Governor Hasan Silda warned: number of cases very yükselditürki to

Aktan, Emphasizing that the necessary administrative actions will be carried out urgently in case of violation of the rules, “Ay In addition, necessary sanctions will be imposed on our citizens who are found to be not obeying the rules and acting against the precautions based on the image records obtained from the city security management systems and cameras. ” used the expression.

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