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İbrahim Dikici, who had been dead for 70 years in İzmir, filed a lawsuit to correct this. Dikici, 87, died before the trial began. The funeral proceedings were made as an “unidentified person” as the case was not concluded.

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87-year-old İbrahim Dikici, who died in 1950 in İzmir’s population registries, opened for the cancellation of his death record He died before the first hearing of the case. İbrahim Dikici was hospitalized by his relatives in Izmir in 2018 due to his illness. During the hospital admission procedures, it was determined that Dikici was seen dead in the population records.

Dikici, whose condition is severe, was registered as an “anonymous forensic case” and was admitted to the hospital.

The relatives of Dikici, who conducted the research, learned that the person they did not know had applied to the administrative authorities in 2018 that Dikici died in 1950, and as a result of the investigation, a civil registration was issued stating that he died without being asked. Dikici filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the death record. While a blood sample was taken from Dikici during the trial, the day of the hearing was given to May.

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However, Dikici died in İzmir on 18 March. Dikici, who could not see the day of the hearing, was also made as an “unidentified person”.

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Family also suffered

The lawyer of Dikici family, Esra Erdoğan, told Anadolu Agency (AA). Dikici stated that his family experienced victimization during this process. Stating that his client died before he could be detected to be alive, Erdoğan said: and it will be proved that the anonymous person is İbrahim Dikici. His family, who was notified about someone who had no interests to recognize, is also wondering why he died. “

Emphasizing that the family did not know M.B, who reported the dead for Dikici, Erdogan stated that they can file a criminal complaint against this person after the case is concluded. .

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