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France – Ukraine Under / Above 2.5 (1.5)

Greek Cyprus – Slovakia Under / Above 2.5 (1.8)
Reviews Turkey – the Netherlands Over / Under 2.5 Over (1.6)


Reviews You are there even though I did not follow you

Uncle who are you, I was not following you ??

Exactly ??

Who are these gentlemen

One up and one side

Exactly, where did they come from

Exactly I’m not following it? Who are you

where did you come from

Yes, I am not following it, but it looks,

They raided the guy, saadettin could be Saran himself 🙂

You are so afraid of odds, why are you closing it? If you remove the match completely. What the hell is that sloppy. FULL ROLLER ORDER. Ulen tube seller, you have no place to sleep.

Betpas Kayıt

jotunn they are partners. They could not agree for the year 2021. So they broke up. They are on another site.

Mars20, thank you my brother

Oh, where are they? I’m waiting for them

I am a member of all sites rain man is nowhere to be found

Which sites are they

There was someone called Theyou or this haliba small>

Where are Rindane1982 guys? He’s out there.

What are you going to do with Rindane? He buys bets for each session, makes 10 coupons a day, they all lay … They were the men of the system …

crash 35 this guy knows which site he is playing on friends

Until Rindane, there was no one who made it to the nation. The person you call that ota shit bet aliyo was the stopper. >
young people what is this place can one of you explain

young people how can I cancel my membership

can anyone give information

14 times played.

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