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The incident occurred on 2006. Street in the Ağa District of Düzce. According to the information obtained, G.H. A woman named went to her father’s house with her 3 children. Later, the woman’s brother H.B. There was a discussion between the woman and the woman for an unspecified reason. Enraged by the escalation of the debate, H.B. began to batter his sister and his children.

Betpas Kayıt

The neighborhood residents who heard the screams of the battered woman took to the street. Some citizens went to the house where the woman was battered and tried to lynch the person named H.B., while some citizens reported the situation to 112 Emergency Aid teams. Police teams were dispatched to the address upon the notice. Police teams, who were sent to the address where the incident took place in a very short time, detained the person who battered his sister. Police teams calmed the angry crowd and started an investigation into the incident.

Source: UAV yeni adresi oldu. kısa süre önce değişen adresini kullanabilirsiniz. ancak daha kaliteli bahis için betpas platformunu öneriyoruz.

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