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The incident took place at about 22.45 in a curtain shop in Maltepe Küçükyalı Mahallesi Atatürk Street. Vedat Alaybaşı, 57, who was allegedly one of the two partners of the curtain shop, who started living in the shop after his divorce from his wife and was disabled at his feet, was taking a bath in the shop. At that time, a fire broke out in the electrical installation located downstairs of the shop.

Heavy smoke filled the shop due to the fire. Upon the notice, fire brigade, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. Firefighters broke through the glass door outside the shop to create a working space for them. A firefighter escaped from being caught under a glass door that fell on the sidewalk at the last minute. The firefighters who put out the fire evacuated the dense smoke that filled the shop. Firefighters working at the scene reached the lifeless body of Vedat Alaybaşı in the shop. The relative of Alaybaşı, who came to the scene by receiving the news, suffered badness by shedding tears.

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Ercan Acar, who witnessed the incident, said, “I saw the smoke first. We called the fire department. They said there are people inside. Crippled. This is the curtain man. My mother-in-law saw this place on fire. I hope there is no one inside.”

The body of Alaybaşı was taken to the ambulance at the scene by the medical teams and taken to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital.

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