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Reminding the journalists that they won the match against Gençlerbirliği last week, despite 10 people remaining, Maxim expressed that they are very happy with this.
Explaining that they had struggled well in the previous weeks but could not get 3 points, Maxim said:

“Even though we had 10 people left, we turned the match, giving us self-confidence. We also showed how much everyone is trying to help each other as a team in Gençlerbirliği match. This self-confidence will be reflected in the upcoming matches. For example, we have Beşiktaş match. I think we can go to Istanbul and get 3 points. “

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Romanian football player also asked a question about his own performance: “I don’t think my performance has dropped. I used to score goals and assists before. Now it has dropped a little more. Maybe that’s why I think my performance is down, but football is not just a score. I always want to contribute to the score, but this is a team game. We play together. As I work, I will try to contribute to the score again. I want that very much. ” he spoke.
Stating that the expectations are high in terms of the position of the team, Maxim said, “My teacher allows me to play free. This gives me self-confidence. In this way, I will come to better places. We are aware of our expectations. We will work harder for this.” used the expressions.

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