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Beşiktaş management determined the total testimonial fees of Adem Ljajic and Domagoj Vida, whose performance was discarded after the transaction, despite their high costs. The total price for the two players, whose annual salaries total around 7 million Euros, will be 10 million Euros. The management authorized the managers of both players. If the black and white people, who are waiting for bids for both players, reach the desired number and can convince the players to leave, the salary budget will decrease and a serious testimonial contribution will be obtained. In this way, Beşiktaş management, which will be stronger during the transfer period, will be able to make the desired supplements. If Ljajic and Vida do not want to go, they will be asked for a salary discount again.
RESPONSED FROM THE FAMILY: IF YOU GO THERE, RETURN TO SERBIA. not glad. It was stated that the player, who was constantly on the agenda with off-field issues, warned the manager and his family during the meetings and said, “You have to correct yourself as soon as possible. If you go like this, you will return to the Serbian League. You need to recover yourself.” – FATİH DOĞAN
In Beşiktaş, where Vida bought 3.7 million Euros and Ljajic bought 3.6 million Euros with bonuses, Ljajic received an additional 6.5 million Euros. The plan is to sell Ljajic by marketing it to Italy through his agent. While not even getting a testimonial was accepted for Vida, the failure to do so broke the plans. It doesn’t look like he’s going to go. But there is a study on Ljajic. It does not appear in Vida. If the management sends it more or less, I see it as a profit.

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