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Galatasaray started the game at the Palais des Sports du Prado in Bourges, France with the quintet Asena Yalçın, Epiphanny Prince, Angel McCoughtry, Anete Steinberga and Mercedes Russell. Bourges completed the first period ahead 16-14. Anete Steinberga’s yellow-red team increased the offensive pace with 6 points in three consecutive offenses, and at 6:07 Epiphanny Prince’s triple made the difference at 6: 26-20. Galatasaray closed the second period ahead 38-35 with Prince’s last second basket. In the third quarter, there was a period in which the fighting power increased and hardened. In the last minute of the episode, where both teams responded to the points they saw on the pot, Aslan finished ahead 54-49 with Mercedes’ middle distance count and Angel McCoughtry’s 3 points from the line. The yellow-reds, who continued their dominance in the last period, left the hall 75-65 and became Fenerbahçe’s rival in the quarter finals.

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