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Turkey Union High School (TLB) in the Ankara Provincial Chairman Rüveyde in his press statement on Mankan Ulus Square, “the PKK and is the top priority issue of our its political extension HDPE country,” he said.

to Mankan press release said ;

“The heroic Turkish army is today in an armed struggle against the terrorist organization PKK. In Şırnak, Afrin, Hakkari and Nusaybin, our army erases the traces of the PKK one by one. The PKK, which tries to murder our innocent citizens in city centers and accuses our Mehmetçi with black propaganda, is playing their last trump card and struggling to survive. These fusses are no longer useful. The PKK has no branches to cling to, no older brothers to lean on its back. The PKK clings to life with the HDP. HDPE PKK Mehmetçiğimiz our treacherous masked, bloody, our of an armed terrorist organization, the city, the representatives in our parliament, “he said.

foreign obstetrics yaptıtürki on the sidewalk

” is doomed to the PKK, “ </ Indicating that the Turkish nation will be liberated with the closure of the HDP, President Mankan said, “HDP is the enemy of the mothers in Diyarbakır, where the PKK kidnapped their children. HDP is the enemy of our laborers who work day and night to get their children to be educated. HDP is the enemy of gazelles wandering on the foothills of Mount Cudi. With the determined struggle of our heroic army and our nation, the PKK is crushed every day and is doomed to disappear. And we know that the HDP is not much different from the PKK today. It will close and our nation will be liberated. The men in suits of the terrorist organization, which the PKK put into our parliament with the votes it gathered by force, violence and pressure in the elections held in our country, are disappearing one by one today. By finding music, painting, theater, fake art; We know that they use our values ​​such as freedom, justice and democracy as a mask to deceive the nation. He also gave the assessment that the deputies they trust, who occupy the parliamentary rostrums by taking shelter behind democracy, are taking one side.

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The car flew to the creek! Driver horror yaşadıtürki to

“We promise to close the hdp’y”

hdp’n which gives the information that they will organize a signature campaign for the closure Mankan, “We are young Turks, of Canakkale today on As high school students with fives, we are launching an HDP Shut Down petition. Turkey’s our over patriotic young, big our, our tradesmen, teachers our, as we gather our friends is signed and will conduct our work together multiplying every day with all of our signatories, we will spread all over Turkey our HDPE’re Closed request. Our Diyarbakır Mothers will have their children. Eren Bulbul will live. Aybüke teachers, Necmettin teachers will not be shot in the back. Fırat Yılmazlar will train many Eren Bulbul. Our Sequence friends, our teachers, health workers, our workers and laborers, peasants and farmers, lest our lives, we promise to close the hdp’y fully independent Turkey the target. We promise our nation ”.

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