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10 suspects, including HDP district heads, were caught in the operation against the separatist terrorist organization PKK / KCK in Istanbul.

According to the information received, the Istanbul Police Department took action within the scope of an investigation carried out by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Anti-terror Branch, made efforts to decipher the actions of the separatist terrorist organization this morning.

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the scope of the investigation; Police teams obtained information that they are operating within the political formations that adopt the views and ideas of the PKK / KCK terrorist organization’s youth structure DGH (Revolutionary Youth Movement) and the PKK / KCK terrorist organization, and a simultaneous operation was carried out to capture 15 suspects at 15 different addresses in 4 districts. Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Beşiktaş District President R.B. and HDP Kağıthane District President B.D. and A.Y., were arrested and detained.

A large number of banned publications, organizational documents and digital materials were seized in the searches made at the addresses of the suspects. The suspects detained were brought to the Istanbul Anti-Terror Branch. The police continue their operations to arrest 5 fugitive suspects.

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Dawn operation in Adana

Participating in a pirate demonstration in Adana on behalf of the terrorist organization PKK / KCK and Detention orders have been issued for 15 people who made terrorist propaganda on social media. Performing dawn caught the suspects with the operation.

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Adana Chief Public Prosecutor of the terrorist organization PKK / KCK on behalf of the pirate show participating in social media from making terrorist propaganda He issued a warrant of detention for 15 people. The teams of the Provincial Security Directorate Anti-Terrorism Branch Pressed the button of the operation against the terrorist organization PKK / KCK.

Simultaneous raids were organized at dawn, with the support of the anti-terrorism special team and special operations police. The anti-terrorism special team and special operations police broke the doors with the head of a ram to the houses where the suspects were located, and neutralized the persons by wearing handcuffs.
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