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55-year-old T.K. 49-year-old O.K. After arguing, the police came home. T.K. filed a complaint against O.K., who claimed to have raped her twice. O.K., who was arrested by the court on February 25, 2020, was sentenced to 18 years and 9 months in prison. OC’s lawyer, trial courts of appeal to the vehicles, it was decided that the accused’s acquittal and release.

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Samsun When a retired nurse divorced from her living spouse, TK (55), mother of one, met and quarreled at home with OK (49), who became a friend and opened an electric shop for her, neighbors informed the police. T.K., one of the parties with the police station. She complained to the police, claiming that O.K. had beaten her, drew a knife and raped her twice on unusual dates. Detained O.K. He was sent to Samsun Courthouse on February 25, 2020 and arrested by the court and sent to Samsun T-Type Closed Prison.

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OK A lawsuit was filed at Samsun 4th High Criminal Court on charges of “deprivation of liberty by using forceful violence, violation of home immunity and qualified sexual assault”. Samsun 4th High Criminal Court, in its decision on 16 September 2020, decided to acquit the detained OK separately for the crimes of “depriving the person of his liberty by using forceful violence and violating the immunity of the home”, and he was sentenced to 18 years and 9 months in prison for the crime of “qualified sexual assault”. It ruled that the penalty to level.Oil continued detention.

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OK’s lawyer Ata Giritli brought the case file to the court of appeal. In the case held today in the 3rd Criminal Chamber of the Samsun Regional Court of Justice, Lawyer Ata Giritli said, in his defense, “The complainant claimed that he was raped twice before, but did not complain about it. He tried to make up such a lie as a result of the voice dispute between them at home. The incident is a quarrel between two lovers and the people living together due to economic reasons. There is no sexual assault by force or threat. I request and present that his detention be terminated and his release be decided, “he said. Samsun 3rd Criminal Chamber ruled that O.K., who was detained, be acquitted and released on the charge of “qualified sexual assault”, and ruled that he be subject to mediation for the crime of assault.

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