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In the fire that broke out yesterday in Artvin’s Yusufeli district, Dereici village, houses and animal barns turned to ashes. The animals of the inhabitants of the region perished. The fire, in which 60 houses, barns and haystacks burned in 35 buildings and around 30 cattle perished, was extinguished in the morning with the effect of the rain. The damage that occurred in the village, where fearful moments were experienced, came to light at daybreak. Citizens who returned to their homes they abandoned after the fire was extinguished searched for their remaining belongings.

The fire that started in a house in the village of Dereiçi with a population of 400 and 176 houses in Yusufeli district yesterday at noon, spread with the effect of the wind and spread to the adjacent houses. Families whose houses were burning tried to save their animals by throwing themselves out.

Fire in Artvin! Flames with 50 home sardıtürki

​​Notice about Yusufeli on the village and the surrounding provinces and sprinklers belonging to the county Department of Forestry firefighters and AFAD and medical teams were sent. The village was evacuated as a precaution. The rapidly spreading flames could be brought under control after the teams worked for about 8 hours. In the fire, 60 houses, barns and haystacks burned in 35 buildings, and around 30 cattle perished. Those whose houses were damaged in the fire during the night cooling work were placed next to their close relatives. The fire was completely extinguished with the effect of the rain in the morning.

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The damage caused by the fire, which had fearful moments, appeared at dawn. It was observed that many houses in the village were completely burned. Citizens who came to their homes abandoned due to the flames searched for their belongings left over from the fire. Damage assessment work was initiated in the village, and cleaning work was started in the presence of construction equipment. Red Crescent teams also distributed water, food and other supplies to the citizens. AFAD teams also set up tents in the village. Veterinary teams of the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry also intervened in the cattle injured in the fire.

1 million lira aid

On the other hand, İsmail Çataklı, Deputy Minister of Interior and Ministry Spokesperson, He stated that the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) sent 1 million lira of emergency aid to Yusufeli. In his post on his social media account, Çataklı said, “1 million lira emergency aid has been sent from AFAD. Preparations have been completed for the shelter and nutrition needs of our citizens affected by the fire. The work continues at full speed.”

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