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Nimet Güler, the aunt of Mustafa Gider, who killed her mother, father and sister with a shotgun and committed suicide in Muratpaşa District of Antalya, said, “My nephew burned Bitcoin.” It occurred in a 3-storey villa located in Sefakent Yağmur Sitesi in 2386 Sokak in the district Güzeloba District. The two friends of the family living in the villa, who could not hear from Mustafa Git, got worried and went to the address. Explanation’s friends called the 112 Emergency Call Center when they saw that two people were lying motionless on the bed when they opened the balcony door of the villa and looked at it. Upon the notice, when the police team broke the balcony door and entered the villa, Muzaffer goes (73), his wife Işık Gülsen Gider (65) and their children Mustafa and Gamze Gider (45) were shot with a gun. The medical teams that were summoned determined that 4 people lost their lives.

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father’s body the LOWER FLOOR has been STONE

In the examination, Mustafa expenses of the mother and then shot and killed the head of the sister with his father shotgun was determined to have committed suicide . It was found that Mustafa Gunis dragged his body to the ground floor after he killed his father on the first floor. It was determined that he shot and killed his mother and sister on the ground floor and ended his life by firing the trigger of the shotgun with his toe. After the investigation by the police, 4 corpses were taken to Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy. Made indicated that psychological problems in research Mustafa Expense, his photography in a hotel environment appeared to find debt because about 150 thousand pounds.

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Four funerals in the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute were taken by their relatives today. Nimet Güler, who still shed tears when the funerals were taken, said that Mustafa Gider lost a lot of money because of Bitcoin, so she had problems. Güler said, “My nephew was doing photography at the hotel. He had 250 thousand liras during this time. He was depressed when he first lost 250 thousand TL, then 65 thousand TL and his car, and finally 35 thousand TL he received from his friend because of Bitcoin. His friend asked for 35 thousand TL, which he would receive. When he could not give the money back, he was depressed and this was the end. My nephew burned Bitcoin. Let the poor not play it anymore. Bitcoin is something that the rich and those who have money should play. he spoke.

The bodies taken from the morgue were taken to Kurşunlu Cemetery to be buried.

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