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Semih Tokatlı, technical responsible for Aytemiz Alanyaspor, who faced Fatih Karagümrük on the road in the 27th week of the Super League and left the field with a 2-0 defeat, made a statement at the press conference held after the match.

Tokatlı, who started his words by evaluating the match, said, “We can say that we were under the influence of our good game last week. We saw that we had difficulties when we turned to individuality away from team play. We will overcome this by talking. We are playing our usual game, but when it does not come to a conclusion, we get upset. We do not have much trouble in defense. We want to play our own game, regardless of whether it is away or home, and we play. We are not trying to play with the ball too much, but our football is like this. There are also matches where we have plenty of positions, we also have matches like today. Unfortunately, our biggest problem is throwing the ball in. ”

“We want to do the best”

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Stating that the team does not distinguish between home or away, Semih Tokatlı completed his words as follows:

“In many matches, home teams usually play closed without leaving any space. Our aim is to create a position, but today we could not get the position very much. There are goals returning from VAR, but this is not enough for us. We want to do the best, but we have a problem from time to time. Maybe today we could be influenced by the amazing game we played last week. We had the ball today, but we had a hard time generating positions. We have to overcome this, and we will. If we look at the game in the last games, it cannot be said that there is a decrease in the game. Bakasetas is a valuable player, but Alanyaspor puts players instead of outgoing names. We are trying to bring young players to Turkish football. We will definitely fill their places. The departure of valuable players did not affect the game in terms of the game, but if it were, it could be more interesting. ”


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