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The lawyers first reacted to the lawsuit filed by the Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Public Prosecutor Bekir Şahin demanding the closure of the HDP.

Attending CNN Türk’s live broadcast, Prof. Ümit Kocasakal said, “HDP should be closed not because it is the HDP, but because it has become the focus of the actions prohibited in Article 68 of the Constitution and because of violation of the Political Parties Law, which contains the same provisions.”

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​​ “Whatever it Takes vote”

Prof. Highlights from Kocasakal’s statements are as follows:

– Regardless of the rate of votes it receives, it does not give any party the right, freedom, or authority to violate the Constitution and the law, commit crimes. HDP has never been a political party.

– Crime, punishment, party closure, these should be the last resort. Political channels should be kept as open as possible, even the most contrary ideas should be tolerated and a political ground should be established. But there is a limit to this: the Constitution. “What about 6 and a half million votes?” is trying. Nobody has a mortgage on these votes. For those who say, ‘What will happen to 6 and a half million votes? > * Cessation of treasury aid instead of shutting it down … It would be like cutting off SSK aid to a person who kills a man. If a party has become the focus of such acts, it will be closed.

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“The court will evaluate both legally and politically”

Lawyer Yasin Şamlı also evaluated the case at CNN Türk with the following statements:

– The court will probably prepare its report, and the public will be informed about the report. Then the members will meet. Consequently, the Constitutional Court will make a decision.

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– This issue can be evaluated from 2 aspects: 1) From a legal point of view 2) From a political point of view. There’s a party at the closing date of the Republic of Turkey. The opinion was later shared that ‘the party should not be shut down, but the party members who committed crimes should be responsible for their crimes’. This was also carried out for a long time.

– HDPE were really wish I had been able to make progress towards being able to put a distance between the party and Turkey’s terrorist organization. When we look at in terms of legal, public safety, health, morals, we see that they are expressed as a justification.

Supreme Court hdp’y to close davasıtürki to

Supreme Court fulfilled the requirements of the Constitution ‘

The speech of Lawyer Serkan Toper, who made evaluations on the live broadcast, is as follows:

– The Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has fulfilled the requirements of the rule of law and the Constitution.

– Considering the indictments and collected evidence altogether, HDP is not a political party, but a propaganda pillar to convey the acts and aims of the terrorist organization to the masses …

– What can the AYM do? The Constitutional Court will evaluate these allegations and the indictment. A decision can be made on the cessation of treasury aid or the closure of the party.

– The law is not concerned with the sociological reality of 6 million. The sociological situation of the voters who voted for 6 million HDPs, their next choices are the subject of politics, not the law.

– Law has fulfilled the necessity of being a state of law today.

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