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Speaking at the press conference held after the match played at Ülker Stadium, Yanal said, “We aimed to make the game accepted by the opponent and bring it to the point we wanted. We did this in 80 percent of the match. We started to play our opponent in the 60th and 70th minutes of the match. After that, we caught clear positions. We could evaluate some positions much better. As a result, the points were shared. We will go towards our goals. We will get ready for the cup match. used the expressions.

Betpas Kayıt

Ersun Yanal said, “It was a different day for Antalyaspor, about Antalyaspor’s scoring the thousandth goal in the Super League, raising the undefeated streak to 14 games in all lanes and playing the 500th game in the Super League. The continuation of the series. My 500th game also has a different meaning. ” he stated his opinion.

Experienced technical man, on a question about their preference for a defense-based game against Fenerbahçe, said, “The answer to the question is simple. To win, the characteristics of the teams are analyzed and looked at. O style, you earn your football team. We want to make defenses to win and solve the opponents against this defense. we are trying to teach. ” he spoke as.


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