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Yakup Çevik’s non-commissioned officer A.K. It was determined that he was killed with a gun and buried in the field in the discussion that broke out by the vineyard house dispute. It was determined that after a while, Petty Officer A.K. burned the body he had taken out of the place he had buried with his brother by pouring chemicals, then broke his bones with a hammer and mixed them with soil and threw them to many different parts of the city. Two brothers who were detained were arrested.

Yakup Çevik, the father of two children who worked as a construction contractor in Gaziantep, left his house in Zeytinli District on 14 October 2018. Unable to hear from Çevik again, his wife went to the police and filed a disappearance application. Event investigating police teams, the person acquires any trace of rastlamayın of files attached to the Public Security Branch Office Homicide Bureau teams that were lost.

Corum terrible events! .. killed two students armed! Turkey


Murder Bureau teams started a study on the possibility of murder of Yakup Çevik, who could not be found for a long time. The special team that was established applied to Yakup Çevik’s family, friends and hundreds of people he was in contact with. Unable to get results, the police teams later tracked down the cell phone signal of Çevik’s disappearance. On the day of the incident, the last day of the incident, non-commissioned officer A.K. It was determined that they gave a signal in the vineyard house they shared with After this determination, the police teams watched the other phones in the region on the same day. During the research, Yakup Çevik’s mobile phone signal tracking was carried out at the vineyard house on the day of the incident. and his brother S.V.K.

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Shot in the Head, Buried in the Ground

it was determined that the brother went to the vineyard house together, and then the petty officer AK brought Yakup Çevik by car this time. Following the evidence obtained, the two brothers, who were last seen by Yakup Çevik, were detained. Questioned at the Public Security Branch Office, A.K. confessed to the murder. Explaining that there was a controversy between them because of the vineyard house they jointly built, A.K. admitted that he killed Yakup Çevik by shooting his head with his beylik gun. A.K., then the body of Yakup Çevik, his brother S.V.K. with it said that they bury mountainous terrain.

from Balıkesir blew us! .. threw the land put to bag the lifeless body! Turkey

burning, BONE their HAMMERS KIR left

WHITE and S.V.K. admitted that, months after the murder, they went to the mountainous terrain and recovered the body they had buried in the ground and burned it with chemicals. The two suspects also said that after cremating the body, they crushed the bones of Yakup Çevik with a hammer, then mixed them with soil and filled them in bags and threw them into empty lands in many different parts of the city. The suspects, who tried every way to eliminate the suspicion of murder by destroying the corpse, but were caught with the meticulous work of the police, were arrested in the courthouse where they were transferred after questioning.

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