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In Galatasaray, President Mustafa Cengiz made a statement on the questions asked about the Fenerbahçe derby.

President Mustafa Cengiz, about the Fenerbahçe derby “This is a feast, seyran, this is a sports competition … Fenerbahçe is not our enemy, our friend like all the teams. A dear competitor. We wish the result to be beneficial to Turkish football. This derby is one of the biggest derbies in the world. Both Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray should face without injustice and enjoy it. made his comment.


Chairman Mustafa Cengiz, when asked about Cüneyt Çakır, the referee of the match, I will start at number 10 for everyone. After that, I will evaluate what they do. Now everybody is number 10. Our opponent and the referees … I don’t say anything. ” said .


About Ali Koç, Mustafa Cengiz “We do not have a personal problem with anyone … Neither Ali Bey nor Veli Bey are our enemies. Know this. They are all our friends, we all listen to each other.

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This culture needs to be spread. I especially want to give the following message; Our country is in a difficult situation, there are tensions, there are problems brought by this virus, the psychology of people has deteriorated. Managers should pay close attention not only to what they eat and drink, but also to what comes out of their mouth. The sides and the match should not be a tense word. I do not keep anybody apart, neither Ahmet Nur Çebi nor Ali Koç. I say it for myself in general. I have great love and respect for every club. If these clubs did not exist, we wouldn’t be anyway. We do not offend anyone. Here we fight on the field, but we beat, but we lose. A wrong word of ours can provoke a young man here. We are very crazy. Let’s not do that. Let’s not provoke, let’s be friends. We will beat Fenerbahçe, we will be defeated. I hope we always beat. Even if we always beat it forever, it will not have a taste. “.

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