Betpas Giriş

The leader of the organization, who made a lot of unfair profits to the organization by borrowing people who gamble and gamble in the coffeehouses owned by the person, and whose leadership was Y.K. C.Y. Simultaneous operations were carried out in 25 addresses against the criminal organization known as “Kaçarlar”. Fifteen suspects found to be members of the organization were caught and detained.

The Ankara Organized Crime Branch Directorate teams, in order not to draw attention to the drugs and weapons they brought from the eastern provinces of the crime organization, which conducts drug and arms trade activities throughout Ankara, sold the cafe under the name of distributing food to poor citizens and made it the center of the organization. determined.

Betpas Kayıt

It has been determined that the members of the criminal organization distributed the drugs they procured with the vehicles they rented in order not to be caught in the police pursuit and obtained the rented vehicles from the person who is a member of the organization doing the Rent A Car business.

Within the scope of the investigation, 1 kilogram of 625 grams of cannabis powder, 2 thousand 361 drugs for sale subject to special prescription, 15 grams of methamphetamine, 50 pieces of extacy, 13 unlicensed guns, 18 pieces of magazines, many different brands and sizes of cartridges, 1 steel vest and 1 shotgun were seized. giriş sonrası hızlı bahis oynayabilir ve hemen kazanç sahibi olacak işlemlerde bulunabilirsiniz. casino oynama sitesinde yer alan masa oyunlarından da 3D ve sanal şekilde kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz. canlı casino oyun seçenekleri yüklemesiz sunuluyor. saniyesinde açılan oyunlarda hemen kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz.


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