The marriage of M.A., two daughters and mother of 3 children, who was fondly married 20 years ago, living in Bor district of Niğde, has come to an end due to bipolar disorder.

M.A., who has been treated for 19 years due to his illness and whose illness has been aggravated for the last 1 year, escaped from home and came to Adana after talking to people he met on social media on 8 November 2020. Allegedly, M.A., who met here with a taxi driver named Okan, started prostitution.

When H.A. went to the police station and reported his disappearance, M.A. was found by the police teams and sent to Niğde. M.A., who was decided to be hospitalized by the Niğde Bor Family Court, went to Adana again after his treatment and continued to prostitution.


M.A., who did not respond to her husband’s phone calls, was caught again by police teams, but was released after she said that she left the house of her own will. Two daughters of the couple under the age of 18 were also taken under state protection.


Stating that he tried every way to get rid of his wife from the morass of prostitution, but could not convince H.A. “He constantly goes to the police and keeps me suspended with unfounded denunciations. It prevents me from claiming my children. He does not allow me to prevent him from going the wrong way. He gives my number to the prostitutes he has relationships with and these people constantly threaten me. I receive threatening messages and threatening calls. This issue. I have a criminal complaint in the police center and the prosecutor’s office, I have made a statement. I want anyone who forced my wife to prostitution and sexually abused them to be found immediately, investigated and brought to justice and my husband to be placed in a women’s shelter or to be treated and cured. I want my children to return to their heads. I want the people who caused the collapse of our family home to be investigated and the criminals brought to justice. ”


Stating that he is currently living with his 17-year-old son, HA said, “I finished everything both materially and spiritually to find my wife. I had to sell many of my belongings in my house. I was desperate. This is the situation I live in now.”

Stating that his wife was pregnant and that he was forced into prostitution due to the illness, H.A. said, “My wife is currently 2.5 pregnant and it is not clear who the baby is. The person who sends me a threatening message says the child is himself. I want my wife to get rid of this quagmire “.

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