In the statement made by TFF on the subject, the following statements were made:

“The Team Expenditure Limits application, which we initiated by our Federation with the request and support of all clubs as of the 2019-2020 season in order to ensure a sustainable financial structure for our football clubs, is meticulously maintained.

In this context; The principles of practice regarding the transfer studies and expenditures of our clubs are determined within the framework of the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Instructions, and the control and supervision of the Club is carried out by the Licensing Board.

As in previous seasons, the amount that our clubs can spend during the season for the 2020-2021 football season has been announced to the public before the 2nd Transfer and Registration Period, taking into account the methods specified in our Instruction for the 1st Transfer and Registration period and the increase requests of our clubs.

Our clubs also carried out transfer activities within the limits set by applying the same method and system to each team. It is not possible to register players’ contracts that exceed the Team Expense Limits of the Clubs, according to the provisions of the Instruction.


Limit statement from Beşiktaş

According to Clause 2 of the Criminal Sanctions Article of the same Order; “If the clubs do not submit the information and documents required to be submitted to the Board in accordance with this ANNEX-XII in due time, submits incomplete or misleading information and documents, the Board will apply the penalties for Warning, Staff Restriction, Transfer Ban and Score Deletion together or separately, depending on the severity of the violation. The sanctions to be applied to the clubs are clearly stated.

All transfers are examined by the Club Licensing Board, the necessary follow-up is carried out without any doubt and the relevant procedures are implemented.

Therefore, statements and comments that make the process controversial before the public do not contribute to Turkish football. We are fully confident that our clubs will act with this duty and responsibility.

Our Federation will resolutely continue to apply Team Expense Limits in order to financially discipline all our clubs.

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