Mehmet Demirkol said that Fenerbahçe did not agree with those who found the testimonial fee he paid for İrfan Can Kahveci, which was snatched from Galatasaray.

Demirkol’s article in Fanatik newspaper is as follows:

Fenerbahçe, İrfan Can was also on the table while transferring to Başakşehir. Despite the high difference between that time and the current wage, I think he came to Yellow-Dark Blue at the right time. İrfan Can is now unquestionably able to play at 11. He became a champion, worked as a leading player in the Giants League, is a national player. It is enough to keep its standard.


When İrfan Can was on his way to Başakşehir from Youth, Fenerbahçe was at the table. And the offer was around 2 million Euros. Naturally, the question comes to mind, “Why wasn’t it taken then?” Despite the big difference, I think it is better to be transferred now. Because in the meantime, İrfan has reached the level of playing 11 unquestionably in Fenerbahçe. If that day came, it could have disappeared. For example, Mert Hakan should improve today, Mesut Özil should really want to play and be convinced of the game.

İrfan Can should just continue to set the existing standard. He’s already at the right point. A National player who became a champion, worked in the Champions League as a leading player, learned to play with high stress. And it goes to a much more assertive staff without changing the city. It will contribute to the performance of Mesut and Pelkas, Ozan and Gustavo, and receive contribution from them.


I do not find the objections ‘Where will he play?’ or ‘Mesut or Ozan?’ about İrfan. Irfan can play 5 positions in midfield and even more. It can make a difference with the right connections in every position, except for strikers and lines of defense. This is why Galatasaray wants him so much, and it’s understandable. The price is also normal considering the global football realities. Take a look at who the big 3 paid a testimonial of 5 million Euros or more in the last 3 years.

Let’s get to what Erol Bulut will want from him! He will be one of the least protruding members of the rotation in a busy fixture. It will give a lot of relief to the hand, including the plan where they can form a midfield 3 with Gustavo and Ozan and play with a center-forward in front of Mesut and Pelkas. It may be replaced by Ozan or Gustavo, Pelkas or Mesut from time to time. With this new staff structure, Fenerbahçe can now play for 3. It can also be one of the basic parts of the 4 in 3-4-1-2. So a single transfer creates many possibilities. Finally, I have to say this: 2 months ago when asked “Do I need to transfer to Fenerbahçe?” “No, there are enough players on hand. I was replying that “should develop them.” However, Ali Koç transferred very clear names that cannot be objected and will contribute. This brand name cannot be objected to, although it was able to become a leader at the end of 21 weeks, when it could not make 20 transfers and use most of it as desired and could not fully set the game.

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