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Fenerbahçe’s new transfer Attila Szalai answered questions from members of the press. Expressing his happiness for being transferred to Fenerbahçe, the Hungarian stopper said, “I want to thank everyone. I was very warmly welcomed from the first moment I came here. I am so happy. I think we are on a good track. I am happy and proud to be part of this family. I want to do my best for this incredible club. But the basic things are the same. There are some position and movement changes in triple and double defenses but I don’t think there is a big difference. I am happy both for being a successful team and being a part of it. I have always believed in the importance of working hard in my career. I’ve always had this mentality. I cannot call this talent, I can explain this with a lot of work. I can explain our success in the last weeks in this way. ” ” There were other teams that I received an offer ” ” As footballers, we look forward to the derby. This derby is known all over the world. It has great meaning for gamers. We want to be successful in this match. Of course, there have been other teams that I received offers, but these are in the past. I am currently in Fenerbahçe and I am happy to be here. ” ‘I don’t want to say anything specific for the future’ ” ” I was very happy when I heard Fenerbahçe’s offer. Attracting the attention of such a big club is a sign that you are on the right track. I don’t want to say anything specific for the future but this is a successful club with huge and great fans. I can’t wait to be successful here. In the last game, Hatayspor caused us a lot of problems. Altay had great saves. We need to improve. We need to be together to not score goals. We are working for this. ” ” We are leaders and we want to finish like this ” ” The fans liked my game in three matches. I also want to continue this. Everyone on the team knows the importance of the derby. We know the meaning of this derby for this club. We are now the leader and we want to end like this. We know what we have to do to protect this. I came to Turkey with the national team before. That’s when I learned that the name Attila was common. It’s a fun situation. These are positive things. “” My dream is to play in the three major leagues. “” Every footballer wants to play in the three biggest leagues in the world. I also have such dreams. I watch the images of many stoppers from both past and present. To me, Van Dijk was the best before he got injured, and still is. I love to watch him. ”“ I want to show what we can do in the national team ”” “It was an unforgettable year for the Hungarian National Team. We were promoted in the League of Nations and qualified for the European Championship. We are in a tough group. Maybe we are in the group of the best teams. Our goal is to show what we can do and I can’t wait for that too. ”

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