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Unye living in the neighborhood of 61-year-old third period Tekkiraz neighborhood headmen, have made Jacob Balci, the corona virus after the onset of the epidemic outbreak in Turkey, he said he jumped caught three times. Balcı said that everyone was indifferent during the epidemic process and that citizens should act cautiously by taking the situation seriously.

“Even my psychology broke down in this process”

Corona virus 3 times Stating that he was caught and survived, and stated that the process was not easy, Yakup Balcı said, “It has already been a year since I met the virus disease. I never left home in March and April when the first corona started. I went to the doctor at Ünye State Hospital when my illness started on August 18 of the year. The result of my test was positive on the 20th of the month. I want to say that it has a solution. I have to take chestnut honey every morning. I had a harder time with my psychiatric illness than corona. I could not get over its effect for a while. After 2 months, on the 25th of October, my bone pain started again. I applied to the hospital again. The same day I went to the hospital for a test. It turned out to be positive too. Regarding the process, we remained in quarantine for 15 days. Thanks to us, our family physicians followed the process. After leaving the quarantine was normally our pain but left little effect on anything, “he said.

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Sevcan new developments concerning the death of the Iron! Turkey

” Measure before the start of us “

< Stating that the measures taken first started with us as citizens, Balcı said, "We see some of our friends on the street. Our people have a little bit of indifference. We have friends who take the mask under their nose or chin. May Allah not show anyone, but does he necessarily have to enter our house to catch this virus. We have to have a funeral in our house to be careful. Everyone will take precautions. This measure starts with us first. The first to survive this virus is to be careful. No matter how many medicines and injections are, we have no chance to prevent this unless we take precautions.

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