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The citizen, the eyewitness of the incident, said that he had seen dogs burned in this area before and that a fire had been lit in the field for 3 days.

A cremated dog body was found in a field in Ankara’s Gölbaşı district. Upon the notification of the citizens who noticed the situation, police teams and animal lovers came to the scene. While it is not known who burned the burning dog and why, the police started an investigation into the incident. On the other hand, whether the dog caught in the flames died by burning or was burned after death will be determined as a result of the examination.

“Fire has been burning here for 3 days”

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The eyewitness of the incident, Duran Turan, a recycling worker at Gölbaşı Industrial Site, said, “They dispose of the dogs they slaughtered from the animal shelter and around here. Since they could not take the remains of the animals here, they burned them here and they had bones here. The fire started 3 days ago here. There has been a fire around here for 3 days. This is my shop. Someone should make a sound to those who burn animals. Those who turn animals into this blessed day, find them from their devil. My Lord is merciful. There are 30 to 50 dogs here. They also took the bones of the dead dogs. It seemed during the day, ”he said.

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