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According to the information obtained, the incident took place in Eyüp Nebi District of Eyyübiye district. Hostility broke out between two relative families over the issue of giving and receiving girls last year.

They were attacked dozens of times in a year

As soon as she was in hostility, the Açıkgöz family was attacked dozens of times by the relatives of the girl’s side with stones, sticks and knives. The last incident was arson. The family-owned parked 63 ACS 127 minibus was set on fire at night by pouring gasoline on it by alleged hostility. Realizing that their vehicles were set on fire, the family reported the situation to the police and firefighters. The minibus became unusable as soon as the fire, which was controlled by the fire crews. The police started an action to determine the identities of the 2 suspects who committed the arson and to arrest them.

Family awaits help

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İbrahim Açıkgöz, one of the elders of the family, said, “The other side we are hostile has attacked our house many times for a year. There is a constant attack with stones on the street. The whole neighborhood is complaining. In the last incident, they set fire to our vehicle. We want this situation to be addressed as soon as possible ”.

“They’ve put a prize on our head”

Gökhan Açıkgöz, one of the family members who were attacked and whose vehicle was set on fire, said, “Our enmity with our relatives has been going on for a year because of my brother’s divorce case. We cannot do business. We are constantly receiving death threats. The last time we heard, they put a reward on our heads. They give money to drug addicts, go and beat them, stab them. They told us that they will give a reward to the one who killed a person. We want this hostility to end.
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