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The incident took place in Samsun’s İlkadım district, Saitbey District. According to the information obtained, the health teams working in Samsun Health Directorate 112 Ambulance Service Station No.6, 17-year-old K.A.K. He went to the scene after the news that the young girl named, harmed him in his home.

112 teams K.A.K. At a time when they were trying to take the young girl named named to the ambulance on a stretcher at home, K.A.K. The Emergency Medical Technician on duty at the ambulance bit the two fingers of the left hand of a 28-year-old young girl named Büşranur Keskin. After the young girl screamed in pain, other healthcare professionals, the neighbors of the aggressive girl and the police rushed to help.

Büşranur Keskin’s fingers are K.A.K. could not be taken from the mouth of the girl named. As a result of the struggle of the police and other people who rushed to help for a minute, the health girl in K.A.K.’s mouth was barely rescued without breaking her fingers. Büşranur Keskin, who had tissue loss in her fingers and was injured, was taken to the hospital and under treatment. Büşranur Keskin was given a 7-day disability report. Büşranur Keskin went to Gazi Police Station after her treatment and complained about the young girl who bit her fingers and injured her. K.A.K., who injured the health worker by biting. was transferred to Samsun Mental Health and Diseases Hospital by ambulance.

An investigation has been initiated regarding the incident.


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10-year health worker Büşranur Keskin, telling about her horrifying moments, said, “We made a case out of self-harm. She bit my hand for about a minute while carrying the patient. She did not leave my hand for a minute. Police, neighbors and my teammates rushed to my aid. For a period of time I could not use my hand. I was treated. I made the necessary complaints. Such attacks have no consequences, unless there are penalties and sanctions. It does not seem like it will be the end. Today, I, tomorrow other friends. and the necessary sanctions to be imposed, “he said.


The teammate of Büşranur Keskin, who was attacked, Emergency Medicine Technician Arzu Bozkaplan (36) said, “During the transport, the friend bit his hand and we tried to save his hand for a minute. 5 people intervened, but we could not save it in any way. We could hear the voice of the friend’s creeper. We struggled for a minute. It was a very bad moment. This is not the first time, we have been subjected to violence dozens of times.

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