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In the surveys conducted in Germany, it was revealed that approximately 32 percent of the personnel working in patient care have reached the stage of leaving the profession. In the event of such a possibility, a major crisis may occur in healthcare services in Germany.

German Intensive Care and Emergency Association (DIVI) President Gernot Marx said to the newspapers affiliated with the Funke Group, a new type of coronavirus -19) stated that the crisis in the field of patient care has worsened.

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Pointing out that this crisis will deepen even more, Marx said, “We must stop the escape from the nursing profession.” Stating that the third wave started in the epidemic and caregivers were based on this situation with a sense of duty, Marx also shared the result of a survey that 32 percent of those working in this profession thought to leave the profession.

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Andreas Westerfellhaus, Health Care Services Officer of the German government, also stated that due to the current working conditions, many people who work in patient care are considering quitting their profession, “This would be a disaster for our healthcare services.” He warned.

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German nursing profession while Franz Union Wagner said in a statement to Paussau Neue Presse newspaper, outbreak

DIVI and the German Specialist Patient Caregivers Association (DGF) created a request list for the improvement of the conditions of intensive care workers, determining the number of personnel according to patient care needs It was asked to start working hours, to pay appropriate salaries to employees and to provide better psychological support.

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