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Germany and the UK press, Fenerbahce and 3.5-year contract signed moved to Mesut Ozil cuff. Reviews Bild newspaper, “Ozil’s First Show” title, laying the Sky Sport, “superstar excitement in Turkey too big” threw titles.
The 32-year-old star football player signed the contract that connects him to yellow-blue colors for 3.5 years with the ceremony attended by President Ali Koç and Sports Director Emre Belözoğlu yesterday afternoon.
The German press gave a wide coverage to Mesut’s signature. Bild newspaper, in its news that titled “The First Show of Özil”, emphasized that press members from nearly 150 national and international organizations followed the ceremony and that 30 thousand SMS donations were made to the yellow-blue club even during the signing.

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SKY SPORT: the sUPERSTAR aBOUT tHE eXCITEMENT oF vERY lARGE Reviews Sky Sport in Turkey, “excited about the superstar in Turkey too big” when using the phrase, star player, “I wish success to the Germany national team, but I would never play again” the words of place Sky Sport, sharing notes from the signing ceremony held for Mesut Özil, “Mesut announced that he will never play in the German National Team and Bundesliga again. The hall was clogged at the signing ceremony of Özil. Fenerbahçe’s broadcast on the YouTube channel. enthusiastic supporters of the reviews has increased rapidly. Activity was followed by about 200 thousand spectators from social media. Turkey is very excited about the great superstar, “he said. ALGER Castlemaine reviews FRANKFURT: Germany Mesut RESPONSE cheered reviews Frankfurter Algemeine, one of the most influential newspapers of Turkey, underlined that Mesut Özil’s announcement that he will not return to the German National Team and Bundesliga again was greeted with applause. The newspaper also included the statements of Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç that Mesut Özil will prove who he is to the world again. In addition, the newspaper stated that Özil thanked Özil’s Azerbaijani brothers.
British The Sun Newspaper, in its report titled “Dream comes true”, said “Mesut Özil, after leaving Arsenal, Fenerbahçe Özil, with his family, greeted his fans and posed with his 67 numbered shirt. Wants to gain success with the headline, “Mesut Özil was emphasized to Fenerbahçe in a magnificent ceremony.


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