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The body of 23-year-old Zilfinur Bakır, who left the house saying I was going to the market and had not been heard since March 5, was found. He left the house saying, ‘I am going to the market and no news was heard from him again. It was claimed that the missing girl got on a passenger van traveling between Yalvaç and Isparta on the day of her disappearance and got off at Yeşilköy district of Gelendost district. Upon this claim, police and gendarmerie teams examined MOBESE and security cameras in the region. No trace of the young girl was found in the researches.

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Found on the lake shore

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Citizens who saw that there are bodies on the lake shore near Yeşilköy in Gelendost district reported the situation to the gendarmerie teams. Gendarmerie teams who came to the scene determined that the body belonged to Zilfinur Bakır, who was sought as missing. Crime scene investigation teams also went to the area and made a detailed investigation. After the examination, Zilfinur Bakır’s body was taken to the morgue of Yalvaç State Hospital for autopsy. The exact cause of death of Zilfinur Bakır will become clear after the autopsy.

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