Making a statement about the agenda in the live broadcast of the Washington Post, the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres evaluated the coup in Myanmar.

Stating that the military coup was “absolutely unacceptable” after the elections held under normal conditions, Guterres said, “We will do our best to mobilize all actors and the international community to ensure that this coup fails with enough pressure on Myanmar.” said.


Regarding the accusations of Aung San Suu Chii, who was detained, of violating the import and export laws in the country, Guteres said, “ If he is to be accused of something, he was very close to the army and protected the army too much, he protected it very much in the attack of the Rohingya people. ” p>


Concern grows as soon as coup in Myanmar


Tensions escalated in the country due to allegations of manipulation in the vote count of the Myanmar elections on 8 November 2020. After the pro-military demonstrations were held, the General Staff called on the government to clarify the allegations of manipulation in the elections on January 28.

The Myanmar army seized power on February 1, a state of emergency was declared for a year, President Win Myint, Foreign Minister and de facto leader of the country, Aung San Suu Chi, and leading figures of the ruling party National Democratic Union (NLD) were detained. .

In the following days, the Myanmar army raided the party headquarters and local organization buildings of the NLD, seizing computers and documents.

Chief of General Staff Min Aung Hlaing, who took over the administration of the country, promised to return to democratic elections after the end of the state of emergency, and NLD leader Suu Kii called the public to protest against the coup.


According to the UN, there are more than 700,000 refugees who had to flee Arakan and took refuge in Bangladesh after 25 August 2017. Half of the refugees in the camps are children.

International human rights organizations have proven that hundreds of villages have been destroyed in Arakan with their satellite images.

The agreement signed between the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh for the return of the Arakanese to their land remains dysfunctional in practice as it is not possible for the displaced to document their situation.

UN and international human rights organizations call violence against Arakanese Muslims “ethnic cleansing” or “genocide”.

The Myanmar government, which severely restricted the entry of international media and organizations into Arakan province, has not fulfilled the promises it has made regarding the return of Arakan Muslims.

Arakan Muslims and human rights organizations who took refuge in Bangladesh worry that their return to Myanmar without the necessary safe environment will lead to a new ethnic cleansing.

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