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Former Referee Deniz Çoban evaluated the controversial positions of the Galatasaray-Çaykur Rizespor match. The evaluations of Deniz Çoban in Beinsports are as follows: “Volkan Bayarslan’s performance was bad for me. At the beginning of the match, the football player from Galatasaray went to the opponent half, started the match like this. Galatasaray’s first goal scored the wrong crown, he should have given Rizespor a shot, but there is no advantage. “” Galatasaray’s first goal has a foul. ” This goal should be canceled, but it is not a position to be confused in terms of VAR. It is true that the VAR should not interfere, but the referee should have canceled it. “Etebo’s position is obvious scoring chance” Selim Ay disrupts his balance as Etebo advances with the ball. Etebo opens the ball to the left because Selim makes this move. This is a clear chances of goals. A red card would have been required. It is impossible for Selim to catch up if Etebo passes. Obvious goal chances and a clear red card .. “Çaykur Rize’s penalty is correct” In Çaykur Rizespor’s penalty, the referee takes the signal from the assistant referee. VAR in position draws offside line. Would the penalty be canceled if Skoda was offside? No. Why is the line drawn to this? Not in position Skoda … VAR judges have seriously lost their concentration. Penalty is very clear. Correct decision. “Started talking to VAR” Let’s look at Yedlin’s second yellow card. Position out of the penalty area … So is the yellow card correct, let’s look at it? Is it a promising attack? Not. This is why Volkan Bayarslan did not give the yellow card. But then as he was setting the dam, he started talking to VAR. He learned the location of the foul from the VAR. “The most wrong decision of the season” We witnessed the most wrong decision of the season. VAR never interferes with the second yellow card. It doesn’t interfere anyway after 95 seconds. The referee is talking to the VAR here. They’re playing with the protocol. Although the protocol does not allow it, it gives the second yellow card. After exactly 95 seconds … And not a 100 percent yellow card either. It clearly says in the protocol, ‘No interference with the second yellow card’ … What will happen tomorrow the next day, if it does not interfere with the other cards? He gives a penalty by looking at the 2nd referee. Listening to his 4th referee, he gives Fatih Terim a yellow card. No problem here. But he listens to VAR for the second yellow. “Fatih Terim should have been thrown” “If a coach goes to the opposing team’s territory in a confrontational way, this will be a red card.” Conflictist “is written in the rule book. I do not say that. Fatih teacher should have been discarded from the minimum 2nd yellow card. . “

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