Betpas Giriş

According to the information obtained, İdris D slightly injured Koray B. with a knife when he received a negative answer from Koray B., whose phone he asked to talk to his friend on Kanara Street, İntizam District.

İdris D. ran to a gas station on Mudanya Street. The suspect wanted to take the commercial taxi he stopped at the gas station. The passenger Ümit P. and the taxi driver in the taxi opposed this. Girl Idris D walked away heavy wounding the Hope P.’Y chest.

killed a lawyer from the Executive House! Turkey

The security guard at the Culture Abdullah Y. angry to intervene Idris D., was stabbed in the chest at the security guard . The suspect was captured by the attacker citizens who left quickly and handed over to the police teams.

Betpas Kayıt

The suspect young man answered the journalists’ question “Why did you stab them? I stabbed them all, what?” The suspect, who drew attention with his cold blooded movements, was taken to the police station.
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