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Our representative Beşiktaş hosted Portuguese team Sporting Lisbon at their home in the Champions League Group C.

Our representative left the match with a 4-1 loss. After the match, Beşiktaş Coach Sergen Yalçın made statements.

The coach said that the opponents evaluated the mistakes, “Sorry. It’s a 4-1 score. It wasn’t a score we expected before we started. This lane is a difficult lane. They don’t forgive mistakes in the Champions League. The teams we play, the opposite teams . Sporting is a team that goes on the counter quickly, plays with 5s and plays transitions.” he said.


Experienced coach, who noted that the result of the match did not reflect the game, “I think after the match. It is not a 4-1 match either. Matches like this do not happen all the time, they are not played all the time. We caught many positions to increase the score and turn it over. We played well. . A bit of luck goals. I can’t find anything to say about this game. It’s not a 4-1 game. There shouldn’t have been such a score.” he used the expressions.

Saying that they are trying to set the balls, “We conceded two same goals. I think it’s luck. The man plagiarized the front post, hit the back post. It may seem like they tried outside, but we tried the opponent, they don’t have any such goals. 3 goals before coming to the goal. They scored. I don’t know what to say. I don’t count the last 10 minutes. The psychology of my players was broken. I think the game was broken. It’s not the match to comment on.” he spoke.

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“There is also luck”

Noting that they had bad luck, the coach said, “Batshuayi is also unlucky. He shoots and does not enter, he turns from the post. There is also bad luck. This match is not a 4-1 match. It is extraordinary that this opponent beat us 4-1. Luck is very good. “We couldn’t score. We scored very simple goals. It’s not right to score goals like that at this level. It’s not right to score goals like this. It’s a live game, it’s football. It’s a game of mistakes, it happens all the time. We think about what we can learn from this match. I don’t think there is much to be learned.” gave the message.


The experienced coach, who was asked for his opinions about the derby they will play with Galatasaray, said, “Derby matches are always very important. We will play on Monday. We have enough rest time. It’s tough competition. We want to win on Monday and return to our normal situation. We had many problems. Never We experienced unexpected things. Things are not good. We are losing the matches. This is not the truth. This image is fake. I hope the real image will emerge when the team returns to normal.”
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