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Sergen Yalçın said that they had a good fight and said, “It was a very high game in terms of level and tempo. It is not easy to play such matches. I think we were able to counter the opponent throughout the match and respond as a game. If we had scored the first goal, it would have been another game. They When he scored, it was the game they wanted. If we finished the first half behind 1-0, it could have been another game. If we had scored early, another game would have emerged. I think we were unlucky too. I liked the will and struggle of the players. We felt that we would go head-to-head with other teams. We made a bad start, but “There are five games, anything can happen,” he said.

“We lost the match, but we won other things”

Yalçın stated that they will learn important lessons from the struggle and said, “There are balls that do not fall 1 meter or half a meter in front of us. “Fighting against them so much and having breaking moments gave us hope. I think we made a start that could satisfy us, even if it wasn’t in terms of score. We lost the match, but we won other things. Struggle and running levels are sufficient, but small details can have very serious consequences. “The goal is the reason for the team’s psychological decline. It is something that should not be at this level. However, we think there are more pluses,” he said.

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He wanted to get out of the ambulance saying ‘I have to work’Turkey

“Congratulations to the national team”

Sergen Yalçın, head of the A National Football Team, German coach Stefan Regarding the allegations that Kuntz will be brought in, he said, “Good luck. It is not a subject for me to comment on. If we are asked for help, we will do our best.”

Karaman: We are a good team

Beşiktaş’s offensive player national player Kenan Karaman said, “We played a very good match. If we had scored the first goal, the match could have been different. Then we fell back 1-0. This knocked us out of the game. I think we can keep up with the Champions League in this match. We will analyze the matches well. Every team in the group has an equal chance. We are a good team. I believe we will get out of this group. I am hopeful for other matches.” he said.

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