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According to the breaking news … It was announced that the coronavirus test of four football players in Fenerbahçe was positive. In the statement from Fenerbahçe, it was said:

After 1 player who was PCR tested and was positive due to showing symptoms right after the Beşiktaş match, the results of 3 more players were positive in the tests applied to the whole team on Monday. Our Talent has begun for treatment taken in isolation.

Factory fire in Bursa … Millions worth of materials ash döndütürki to

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I made in Turkey in the last 24 hours 201 thousand 215 coronavirus test, 22 thousand 216 people tested positive, patient number 981

In the last 24 hours, the number of people recovering from the coronavirus treatment or quarantine of 19 thousand 494 people increased to 2 million 844 thousand 681.

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