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In the statement made by the Governorship of Muş, it was stated that the successful operations of the security forces against terrorist organizations both in the country and outside the borders were continued. In the statement, which stated that meetings and demonstrations can be held by the supporters of terrorist organizations on the grounds of the operations in question, “These activities can be provoked and turned into violent movements and propaganda of terrorist organizations, the places where the people live can be targeted, sensational actions are carried out and the public order and the safety of life and property of the people. The US President Biden responded to Putin’s call for a meeting World

Calls to action are being made

In the following days, illegal organizations and their extensions The following statements were made in the following statement, which was recorded by various social media platforms throughout the country: “Not to take place in our city in a way that affects the public order and to prevent possible events, the environment of peace and trust established and national security and with the aim of ensuring public order, preventing crime, protecting fundamental rights and freedoms and general order, preventing acts of violence and eliminating the plans of terrorist organizations; Within the scope of the provisions of the 19th and 22nd articles of the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations No.2911 and the clause A of the Provincial Administration Law numbered 5442;

Gezi Park was taken from IMM and transferred to the General Directorate of Foundations p> Holidays, memorial days, ceremonies …

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With the activities deemed appropriate by the governor’s office, official holidays, official commemoration days, official ceremonies and celebrations to be organized by public institutions and organizations In public areas such as squares, streets, streets, roads, parks, within the borders of our province, ‘the entire area of ​​responsibility for the police and gendarmerie’, excluding the programs to be made by the institutions according to the traditions and customs, sports activities, events and meetings held for scientific, commercial and economic purposes; rally, open place meeting, demonstration marches, sit-in, protest action, protest that can be made by forming a human chain, marches and gatherings, meetings in the form of public lectures, gatherings, public meetings, audio-broadcasting tools, ‘vehicles, such as mobile vehicles’ audio and visual activities, hunger strike, tent building, booth opening, signature collection, petition, wishing lantern, balloon, drone and paramotor / glider kite, memorial meeting, memorial ceremony, concert, festival, theater, sketch, cinevision, pantomime, All activities such as torch lighting and carrying, flyer, leaflet distribution, poster, poster hanging, sticker sticking, press release, indoor meetings are prohibited for 15 days from 00.01 on 19.03.2021 to 23.59 on 02.04.2021. . ”

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