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Blood shed in the fight involving young people in the district of Karabağlar in Izmir. A person who shouted bullets to the young man and his friends, whom he discussed on social media, disappeared. 3 people were injured in the incident, one of them seriously.

According to the information obtained, the incident took place in Bozyaka Mahallesi 3156 street around 06:00. Allegedly, Ahmet D. and Ayhan Ege O. (19) had a quarrel over social media for an unknown reason. This morning, Ayhan Ege O. and Ahmet D., who went to the bakery with his friends, met on the way. When the debate between the two grew and turned into a fight, Ahmet D., with his gun, Ayhan Ege O., and his friends Gökhan Başar Ç. (19) and Üveys Y. A (18) opened fire at the scene fled.

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The residents state that hearing gunshots reported to the police and medical teams. Ayhan Ege O. and Gökhan Başar Ç., Health Sciences University Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital; Üveys Y., on the other hand, was taken to İzmir Katip Çelebi University Atatürk Training and Research Hospital. While police teams provided environmental safety, Crime Scene Investigation teams also investigated the region.

It was learned that there is a life-threatening situation

On the other hand, Üveys, one of the young people who were injured and treated at the hospital. It was learned that Y. was injured with 3 bullets in her abdomen and leg, and that she was in danger of life. Police teams started an operation to catch the suspect who fled. The investigation launched into the incident continues.

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