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Galatasaray Club President Mustafa Cengiz said that Fernando Muslera acted like a real captain with the salary discounts he made both during the pandemic period and while renewing the contract.

Mustafa Cengiz, Christian Luyindama, Marcao, on a question about Mustafa Muhammed’s contracts, “The players we value. There is no threshold, floor, ceiling price, it depends on the financial structure of the club at that time. All these are serious factors. We will also sign a restructuring. Main. One of the conditions is to reduce our budget to a very important extent. I thank Muslera again. He reduced his salary from 3 million 750 thousand Euros to 2.5 million Euros. A great discount. He was also a leader in the pandemic, he was a real captain. He did not pursue 3 cents. Although there are very good offers. He did not warn us. ” he spoke.

“A decision made by the management in Belhanda. Our teacher was not trapped”

He noted that the termination of Mustafa Cengiz’s contract of Younes Belhanda is the decision of the management.

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Cengiz, arguing that some circles are trying to confront the management and coach Fatih Terim, “Our approval authority is the general assembly. Our teacher has knowledge about everything, we never have a problem. They are trying to put our teacher in a difficult situation. Our teacher did not fall into this trap.” used the expressions.

Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe derby

When asked about the Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe derby, which will be played in the Super League this week, President Cengiz said, “Both teams are our valuable competitors, I hope neither of them will be sad. The stronger our opponents, the stronger we will be. Both of them should not be upset. They should find the middle way.” gave a humorous answer.

???? Galatasaray Club President Mustafa Cengiz’s derby and Belhanda statement.

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