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The curfew that started at 21:00 on Saturday, March 20, in the city ended at 05:00.

The density of the main roads and avenues in the city increased due to the citizens’ preference of their own vehicles on the first day of the week, traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns and rainfall in some regions.

While traffic density is observed on the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the direction of Edirne, the traffic continues smoothly in the direction of Ankara on both bridges.

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Anatolian Side because of the TEM highway in Sultanbeyli located occurring in property damage accidents, traffic congestion between Sultanbeyli with Flat has occurred.

on the European side of the D-100 highway Traffic density is observed in some parts of and TEM Highway.

According to the mobile application of IMM, the traffic density was measured as 60 percent as of 08:00.

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