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The process of termination by price in automobile sales was determined by the Ministry of Commerce. According to this, cars with a price of 120 thousand lira and below were 60 months, cars between 120 and 300 thousand liras were 48 months, cars between 300 thousand and 750 thousand liras were 36 months, and the number of installments was 24 months for cars with 750 thousand liras and above. . Automobile tradesmen who bought second hand sales in Izmir found the decision positive. It was stated that there was a stagnation in the sector with the winter season, and the new term set-up had a positive effect on the sales and stimulated the market.


Aykut Kaysal (30), who sells second-hand automobiles, stated that the markets are stagnant due to the winter and stated that they found the termination process of the ministry positive. Saying that the application has stimulated the market, Kaysal said, “Satan will sell their vehicle more conveniently. Customers will buy vehicles with more favorable payment terms. In this way, the market is mobilizing.”


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Egemen Kurtçu (38), the owner of the company trading second-hand cars, also stated that the Ministry of Commerce has done a good work for the sector and said, “This was a very good response in the market. It was life water. Cold weather conditions had lowered the market. With this decision. The market has been mobilized. It was good news for us. It is necessary to congratulate the Ministry of Commerce at this point. A right move was made just in time.

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Mert Çavuşoğlu (32), who came to the second-hand sales point to buy a car, said, “I want to buy a car around 80-90 thousand. I have been thinking about buying it for a long time because of the pandemic. With the increase in the number of installments, we started looking for a vehicle. I liked it. If I agree, I will buy the vehicle, “he said.

Soner Sunar (44), who wanted to change his vehicle, said, “I think the increase in the number of installments will stimulate the market. But I came to upgrade the model. I am doing market research. If I find something suitable for my head, I will sell my vehicle and upgrade it.”


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Metin Çiftçi (38), who made a plan to buy a car, said, “I was thinking of buying a car for a long time. But I could not buy it. The terms were short, there was a higher payment in terms of numbers. With the increase of the term, I will make more appropriate payments. I am planning to buy, “he said.

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