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Galatasaray’s former footballer and former assistant coach Hasan Şaş had an argument with a person while he was leaving the airport in his hometown of Adana by plane. The former national player was calmed down by those around him in a debate for an unknown reason and was put in the car waiting for him.

The incident occurred at noon on Tuesday, March 16th. Hasan Şaş, who came to his hometown Adana on a plane departing from Istanbul, allegedly rang his phone at the airport exit.

Receiving the news of the death of Erhan Önal, one of the legendary names of Galatasaray, Şaş had emotional moments. Saddened by the news he received, Hasan Şaş started an argument with a person he encountered in the area where the taxis were located at the arrivals exit gate of the terminal.

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The debate between the person whose name is unknown and Hasan Şaş for an unknown reason has grown.


Meanwhile, the people around tried to calm Şaş by intervening. As a result of the intense effort, Hasan Şaş was calmed down with difficulty and taken to the car waiting for him.


On the other hand, Hasan Şaş shared his social media account about Erhan Önal, the legend of Turkish football. Şaş used the following expressions:

“Today (Tuesday) I came to Adana and got the bitter news when we got off the plane. I was chatting with two of my Galatasaray friends, I was very sad, I said, ‘Who is he?’ Long story short, the footballer dies twice, the first when he quits football, the second when he dies. At least you have a brother who does not forget you. Let your place be heaven, I will not forget you. “

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