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Fenerbahçe Sports Club statement from the official site as follows: Member “Yesterday evening Ziraat Turkey Cup last 16 Tour of precious of our competitors experienced in the games we play with Kasimpasa and the public’s agenda preoccupied; review, indoor personal opinions and assessments, clear as anything the day In the 89th minute of the match, there were mutual interventions between our football player Mert Hakan Yandaş and the rival player Aytaç Kara, who collided and fell to the ground at the same time; After our black player kicked Mert Hakan’s head, our player reacted and only our player was punished with a red card. Has the fourth referee Yiğit Arslan communicated with the referee Ümit Öztürk for the position held in front of him? The VAR referee who has the chance to examine the positions from many angles Erkan Özdamar, Did the referee of the match warn Ümit Öztürk about this? If so, why and how did the referee not need review? If not, why has this action been ignored, which will clearly and clearly require a red card? However, in response to the act of our actor Mert Hakan completely in reaction to the effect; We already inform the public that we will follow the standards of the PFDK and the Arbitration Board, while the precedents that were experienced, red card penalized and withdrawn due to ‘provocation’ are in front of us, including last season and this season. “

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