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Altun used the following statements in his post on his Twitter account:

In the last 18 years, we have realized reforms that are important in terms of women’s empowerment, along with fundamental rights and freedoms, as in every field. With an understanding that sees women as subjects, not objects, we ensured that a brand new understanding prevails in the construction of social life.

We made revolutionary innovations in order to prevent double standards among our women in many issues, especially education and the right to be elected. We can build a strong Turkey only with powerful women. For this reason, we removed all the obstacles in front of our women one by one.

In order to improve women’s rights and prevent violence against women, the Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women, “Articles 102 and 103 of the Criminal Code” and “Articles 10 and 41 of the Constitution. We made many new arrangements, including “.

With these regulations we made in our domestic law, we strengthened our legal infrastructure in terms of “combating violence against women”. From now on, we will implement new regulations to reinforce the rights that our women have gained with a much more dynamic perspective.

Our government will work with all its might to end violence against women and to further strengthen women’s place in social life. We would like to express clearly and clearly that our ruler is our beloved nation. Only our beloved nation draws the direction.

It is an insincere act of imitating women rights defenders, who until yesterday separated our women from the headscarf and deprived our women of their most basic rights such as education, employment and being elected.

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The mentality that has been keeping silent to the countless harassment and rape within itself and usurping all the rights of Turkish women for decades due to the headscarf, one of the most fundamental rights and freedoms, has no lesson to teach us about women and human rights.

Turkey’s history, Western-oriented mentality of the colonial cruelties, atrocities, is full of double standards and prohibitions. They hanged the prime minister of this country in the name of “democracy”. They took away the right to education of the children of this country in the name of “secularism”.

They embrace democracy without shame, as if they were not the cause of their decades of persecution. They go hand in hand with terrorist organizations and make homeland nation literature without shame. Now, our women are in an attack against our beloved nation.

If you really care about the women, people and children of this country, the first thing you would do is to speak out to the harassment and rape within you. Then you distance yourself from terrorist organizations. You leave and apologize to our nation for the atrocities you have done in the past.

Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the number of our President is performing countless revolution. Our women take place more actively and confidently in every field. Turkey, mainly in family and community structures will be walked confidently into the future with all its dynamics.

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