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In the decision published with the number of 3677 decisions, the following statements were included;

“Berroşk Komları, known as Şenyayla in Diyarbakır province, Kulp district, Alaca Neighborhood, which is the border of Muş-Diyarbakır province, Pizar Hill from the intersection point of Gencuk and Misur streams, Pizar Hill, Kartal Hill with an altitude of 2047, Seğla Hill, Gelyememi It was decided to connect the region between the stream, from the southern skirts of Vorikamera Tepe, Muhammetemin Stream, to the Muş province, following the creek bed of Orta Deresi and the Murat River.

Army giresun border has been redefined

On the other hand, the provincial border between the Aydındere Municipality of Giresun’s Bulancak district and the Yokuşdibi neighborhood of the Kabadüz district of Ordu has been redefined.

According to the decision numbered 3676 published in the Official Gazette, the border details and sketch of the two provinces in Aydındere and Kabadüz islands were explained as follows:

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“Starting from Karagöl Hill with an altitude of 3 thousand 107 meters, to Çakmaklı Hill with an altitude of 2244 meters, from here to Öküzkaya Hill in the north direction, from the eastern skirt of the Elderyurt Hill following the same direction, to the west of Mekteptaşı Hill, following the eye of the Oyuk Stream, From here, following the north direction, to Taşbaşı Hill, from Taşbaşı Hill to Keltepe at an altitude of 2149 meters, from Keltepe to Uzuncaen Hill in the northwest direction, following the same direction to Olukbaşı Hill, from Olukbaşı Hill to Dikmetaş Cemetery, from here The bridge joins Sinanlı Creek along the Semen Stream in the west direction, followed by the Semen Stream, which is the continuation of Sinanlı Stream, and joins the Cinni Mill located at the place where the Semen Stream meets the Molla Hüseyin Stream. ”

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