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According to a statement from the Ministry, management of ship waste in Turkey, under the control of the Ministry “Waste Collection and Control of waste from ships” covered sürdürülü my waste, without mixing into the sea from ships, are stored in separate tanks in separate Retrieving and waste reception facilities. The wastes (bilge water, sludge, slop) collected in the waste reception facilities are primarily used as additional fuel for energy recovery, those that are not fuel are disposed of in the final incineration facilities.

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Wastes and wastes arising from the cargoes carried by ships, and wastes arising from waste water, solid waste and equipment to prevent air pollution are collected by coastal facilities within the framework of the legislation, and the pollution of the seas is prevented. Control Regulation “will go to change. The Ministry, which revised the regulation, opened the draft regulation to its website. With the regulation, the management of wastes originating from ships in inland waterways, lakes and rivers besides the seas will also be provided and waste can be collected from support vessels, platforms used for drilling activities, ships and similar structures.

Can be removed before the commission is established

According to the draft regulation, wastes can be removed from the waste acceptance facility without establishing a waste commission. Within the scope of the principles to be determined by the Ministry with the new regulation, a “Sewage Tracking System (PSTS)” will be installed in the sewage tanks of vessels such as yachts and boats, as well as oil tankers under 150 gross tons and other vessels under 400 gross tons.

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Follow PSTXS be made online and in real time. In the event of an unexpected change in the waste water tanks of the covered marine vessels, legal action will be applied to these vessels. In the areas to be determined, ships with wastewater treatment equipment will be able to discharge their wastewater into the sea after performing the necessary treatment in accordance with the criteria specified in Annex-IV of the Marpol Convention. Discharge of marine vehicles from waste water tanks to the sea will be prevented. Ships with a waste tank occupancy of more than 80 percent will not be allowed to take off. The PSTS foreseen in the draft regulation covers nearly 70 thousand yachts and boats across the country. Said inserting system with lakes and sensor also ships found in the river, the management of the wastes at these points will also be provided.

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Sea polluting 203 aboard the 27 million 542 thousand pounds penalty of waste collection activities are carried out in 312 coastal resort in Turkey. In this context, the pollution of the seas was prevented by taking 504,797 cubic meters of oil and petroleum-derived waste, 37,903 cubic meters of waste water and 24,757 cubic meters of solid waste from 23,899 ships last year. and the organizations imposed an administrative fine of 27 million 542 thousand 810 lira in total on 203 ships polluting the sea during their inspections last year.

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